What is PowerBuilder?

PowerBuilder is an object oriented development environment. It's the most efficient solution for quickly developing database-driven business applications. Its unbeatable productivity is due in part to the Datawindow, an object that automatically generates SQL Statements. PowerBuilder also includes native database drivers for Oracle, Microsoft, Sybase and IBM, as well as a powerful scripting language (PowerScript). With the compiling of the code and the partitioning of applications, PowerBuilder allows for the creation and deployment of applications for a large number of platforms on the market.

Unbeatable productivity

The productivity of PowerBuilder is the principal motor of its success. That's why a number of large organizations (governments, banks, industry...) have chosen to create large, mission-critical applications, with some in production for over 20 years.

A simple way to evaluate its productivity is to compare it to .NET and Java when rewriting applications from one technology to another. A typical order of magnitude would be:

.NET – applications desktop/Window (Winform, WPF...)

2 to 3 times longer

.NET – applications web (ASP.net, MVC, WCF...)

5 to 10 times longer

Java/Javascript – applications web

5 to 10 times longer

Visual Expert
Code Maintenance: Analyze your PowerBuilder code to better understand how it works, run impact analyses and automatically generate technical documentation.

Visual Guard
Security and Access control: combine user management, authentication, permissions and security audits in your PowerBuilder applications.

Add a multilingual interface to your PowerBuilder Application and make it available to international users in no time!

PB Ultimate Suite
Modernize your PowerBuilder Applications
Create an interface that makes your application more user-friendly and modern with little effort and minimum code.

Customization Studio
Let users make changes in PowerBuilder applications for customization purposes - Let end-users customize or update a PowerBuilder application. No development skill required.

Reporting Studio
Allow business users to create reports themselves
View reports anytime, everywhere - Desktop - Web - Mobile Deployment
Seamless integration with PowerBuilder applications

PB Protect
Protect your PowerBuilder code against reverse-engineering and decompiling

PowerGen gives you unprecedented flexibility and speed when building PowerBuilder applications

DW2XLS is a PowerBuilder library designed for export Datawindow & Datastore to an Excel format with cell's formatting

Filter all your existing DataWindows similar to Excel 2007's features.

STD Framework
A fully integrated & "object oriented" set of Classes for the following SAP/Sybase products: InfoMaker, PocketBuilder, EAServer, Appeon and PowerBuilder. The component framework greatly assists the developer making them significantly more productive!

PowerBuilder Webcasts

  • Using PB.Net Visual Assemblies in VS.Net and VS.Net visual controls in PB Classic
  • Modernize the UI of your PB Application
  • Introducing a new Report Maker - Let users create reports from your application

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